Op-Ed: Experiences, Personal and Professional, Inspire My Vision for Reform

I am the second of five children from immigrant parents who traveled to New York City with little more than spirit and determination. One thing I’ve learned through years of navigating family relationships is that everyone has moments in which they need compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. As my family has grown and become more diverse, I have come to appreciate that the beginning of any resolution is understanding different perspectives. Read More

Judgment on the judges: The judicial endorsements of the Daily News

Like the New York City Bar Association (founded 1870), the Daily News (founded 1919) has long supported the merit selection of judges instead of by election, elections controlled by political party bosses, which means the Democrats here in the city.  Read More

It’s Time to Reform New York’s Judicial Selection Process (Gotham Gazette, June 10, 2022)

I recently wrote an op-ed on the need to raise public awareness about judicial selection, inspired by the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs that would reverse Roe and the recognition of women’s reproductive autonomy. Read More

Meet the Candidates 2022: Elba Rose Galvan for Surrogate’s Court Judge

In the latest edition of Meet the Candidates 2022, Emmy Award-winning host Jane Hanson is joined by Elba Rose Galvan, who is running for Surrogate’s Court Judge in New York County. With over 25 years of experience as an attorney in New York and 5 years as a Surrogate Court Referee, Galvan hopes to step into this position to aid litigants with diligence, passion, and dedication. Watch Video

Judicial Selection is Crucial at Every Level (Gotham Gazette, May 19, 2022)

As early as primary school, we are taught about the United States Constitution’s system of checks and balances, and that the judicial branch was created to temper the actions of the executive and legislative branches of government. We learn about the importance of an independent judiciary, but beyond that, the vast majority of us don’t think about the role and function of judges unless we find ourselves involved in a court case. We need to be more keenly aware, nationally and at home, of the tremendous power the judiciary and judicial selection have in most facets of our everyday lives. Read More

Opinion: Overlooked Change in NY’s Estate Law is One Less Barrier to Re-Entry (City Limits, April 26, 2022)

As a judicial candidate for Manhattan’s Surrogate’s Court, also known as Probate Court, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to thousands of New Yorkers while petitioning to get on the June 28 primary ballot. Typically we would ask, “Are you a registered Democrat who votes in New York,” and occasionally a person would apologetically respond, “I can’t vote, I’m a felon.” Read More

Elba Rose Galvan Announces Candidacy for Manhattan Surrogate’s Court Judge (Politics NY, March 30, 2022)

Elba Galvan, currently a Surrogate’s Court Referee in Brooklyn and a longtime Manhattan resident, this week announced her candidacy for New York County Surrogate’s Court Judge. A practicing attorney for over 25 years, Galvan is the only candidate with firsthand experience resolving disputes in Surrogate’s Court as a Referee, where she has served under progressive, reform-minded Surrogates Margarita Lopez-Torres and Rosemarie Montalbano. Read More